Warning! Think Twice Before Eating These Foods From China

China is one of the major exporters in several fields and especially when it comes to food. Though China is known for the goods it produces, but what many people aren’t aware of is how there are several products which aren’t safe for consumption yet  are exported widely by China. These might be some of the products that you might find in your kitchen right now, so go ahead and take a look at some of he unhealthy products exported by China.

  1. Apple Juice

As mentioned above, in regards to certain products China is the major exporter out there. Something like this makes us question how is it possible for China to keep up with a demand like this? Well we have the answer but it may not sound good.

China engages in usage of pesticides for the growth of their crops and these chemicals are consumed by us with the apple juice we consume. High levels of arsenic were found in the products sold in US which were exported from China. If consumed often this could cause fatal problems.

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