The Best Ways to Get Your Own Alkaline Ionized Water

*PS financing is available with most modern Alkaline Water Ionizers, which means that with little to no money up front, and just pennies a day, you can give yourself a healthy gift that keeps on giving.

Alkaline Water Pitcher:

Convenient, inexpensive and can be used on the go. Replaceable filters means this can be used as long as you’d like. Utilizes mineral cartridges to naturally alkalize your water, however it lacks the antioxidant potential and power of a home ionizer.

Additives – Baking Soda, Lemon Juice, and Others:

“DIY” alkaline water is not recommended. Additives like baking soda have a high sodium content, and if you’re drinking the amount of alkaline ionized water you should be, this is definitely cause for concern as 1 tsp of baking soda contains ~1000mg of sodium. Excess sodium is often linked to heart problems and increased blood pressure. Also… it tastes terrible! Try a little for yourself and see.

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