Ketogenic Diet for bodybuilding: Is it any good?


The main benefit that ketogenic dieting offers the bodybuilder is that, by design, the ketogenic diet not only causes but gradually increases the body’s utilization of fats for energy as opposed to glucose and proteins. Since the body contains a large lipid supply, the ketogenic diet, and therefore, the state of ketosis makes the need for the body to oxidize proteins for energy unnecessary and therefore decreases the occurrence from the metabolic process.

Since ketosis tends to spare proteins from being catabolized, assuming you’re consuming enough protein in your diet already, it facilitates the bodies utilization of this healthier alternative energy source, as the body already prefers ketone bodies over glucose for energy in the first place. High-carb diets stand in the way of this process, as the body has become dependent on intake of energy as opposed to utilization of existing energy substrates.

The ketogenic diet also adds in the benefit that, since ketones can be expelled from the body through the secretion of urine, excess ketones can easily be removed from the body, resulting in what you could consider “healthy urine”.

Your body will actually excrete body fat. This is unique in the way that usually, the body is efficient at storing energy substrates for future utilization, so the fact that the body has such an excess that it is excreting them means your body has an ample supply of back up energy and the state of ketosis is most likely optimal. Since the goal of the bodybuilder is to build muscles, which of course are proteins, any minimization of protein loss is ideal. This is the benefit, of course, if bulking is your goal.

If you wish to achieve a more tone level, the benefit the ketogenic diet offers is that since ketones are such an inefficient source of fuel, your body has to burn a large quantity in order to sustain itself, resulting in better or more efficient weight loss, through both this chemical process and the hunger quelling effect this metabolic process has to offer.

Since the ketogenic diet requires a high intake of fat, which only has 9 calories, your food volume is decreased. When your body converts fatty acids to ketone bodies, the ketone bodies only contain 7 calories. This causes the normal pound of fat to contain less than 3500 calories.

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