10 Bad Habits That Can Lead To Type-2 Diabetes

Hey, do you skip your morning breakfast or hate fish (even the smell of it)? If your answer to my question is yes, then you really need to up your lifestyle in order to reduce risks of Type-2 Diabetes! Here’s what to do instead.

Do you grab a coffee on your way to office while being late, and of-course not to mention that iced donut that goes perfectly with that cappuccino? But hey, what could you do if you’re running late, right! But, do you know that how harmful that harmless looking baked donut is. These harmless looking everyday diets are not only responsible for the obesity pandemic in the United States but also for the worldwide increase in Type-2 Diabetic cases. Wouldn’t it be better if you ditch those food options yourself before your diabetes report forces you to do so?

A recent British Study on 4000 people concluded that just by merely fixing your food habits, you can stabilize your blood sugar levels and even reverse the metabolic syndrome (a condition that causes diabetes). So, what are you waiting for? Here are 10 important changes you can make to reduce diabetes risks and even become more fit!


  Sipping Sugary Drinks

Drinking your calories is a big no no to reduce diabetes risks. A recent Harvard Study found out that most Americans suffer obesity solely due to this reason. Moreover, the research even concluded that lemonade (and lemonade like drinks), sweet tea, soda, etc. are considered as drinks with empty calories because they contain no nutritional value and just “sugar”. When you’re thirsty, drink water, advises Shannon Knapp, RD, CDE, a certified diabetes educator at the Cleveland Clinic Diabetes Center. Another healthy alternative for quenching your thirst is low-fat milk. Also, when you have extreme cravings for fruit juices, make sure that it’s 100 percent pure with no added sugar (don’t take more than half a cup).

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